Looking for a fun and unusual hen night or bachelorette party? Why not get in the groove for the big day with a dance workshop for you and your friends...

Ideal for pre dinner, this dance class won't require you to take a cool shower afterwards. It does, however, get everyone warmed up, moving and laughing as you explore fun techniques such as body rolls, upper and lower body flourishes and full body moves to make you look more sexy and dazzling not only on the dance move floor but also in ordinary daily lives too.

Choose from our fun dance styles: Belly, Club, Tango, Salsa or Burlesque! Specially designed to celebrate everything that is lovely about being a lady, this dance class will give you and your friends instant tips and tricks for maximising on the feminine curves and body language. Fancy a glass of champagne to go with that, snacks to be served or even a topless waiter to serve them? We can provide it all.

For this we hire a lovely large studio in either Central or Sheung Wan.

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Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.


Learn your first dance at our Central dance studio in Soho, created especially for wedding couples... 



We look forward to hearing from you and creating the memorable moment of your First Wedding Dance with you!



We specialise in fun bachelorette dance parties for you and your friends Pick a theme - tango, burlesque, belly or more…