How much will my first class cost?

We recommend you start with one class to make sure you enjoy it, before you decide on a package.
The first trial class costs $800 and can be taken in isolation or counted as the first class of any package you go on to take.

How much are the packages?

A 4 class package costs $3200 ($800 p/h) and includes 1 benefit, a 6 class package costs $4320 ($720 p/h includes 10% discount per class) and includes 1 benefit.

What if I just want to do 2 or 3 classes?

After your trial class, single classes can be taken at the regular class price of $1000 per hour.


How many lessons will we need?

Most couples take 4-6 hours of lessons to complete a 2-3 minute song. Of course, every couple is different and we tailor make each choreography to suit your unique desired outcome, deadline and dancing abilities! It can also depend on how much practising you do at home, and if you have any previous dancing experience.

How long are the classes?

Classes are normally one hour but if you prefer to save time you can also divide your package into a mixture of 1 hour and 1.5 hour classes. We don’t normally recommend 2 hours because private lessons can be quite intense. But of course, we are happy to go with your preference.

Do we have to decide on a package straight away?

No need to decide straight away. Our recommendation is that as a couple you take one trial class first and then, together with your instructor, you can decide what will be right for you going forward.

How far in advance of our special day should we start learning?

We suggest you take roughly one class a week. This way you have time to practice in between, yet not enough time to forget your moves! Starting a couple of months before the wedding day can be ideal. You might also like to take a first class well in advance of your big day, then you will be able to plan better how many classes you will need and what song will be the right choice for you.

Can our bridal party learn too?

Yes, sure. Private classes can accommodate up to 4 people. If there are more than 4 people, it will mean extra work and choreography for our instructors, so additional guests are charged at $200 per person.

Do you offer Father-Daughter dance tuition?

Yes, we do. You can also split your package between your wedding couple dance and your Father-Daughter dance. Just let us know what you would like to do and we will make your dreams come true!


Do we have to finalise our first song before we take our first class?

It’s a good idea to do so but not essential. In your first class you will learn the basics of dancing together and will pick up some signature moves. Any steps you learn will be incorporated into your dance so there’s no urgency to start the choreography and decide on your song until lesson 2. If you have any music ideas you want to try out just bring them to class on your phone. And if you have no ideas yet at all, why not try looking at this popular wedding dance playlist: click here.

What is the best type of song for a first wedding dance?

The best song is one you both LOVE! We can help you dance to any song in the world, but the most important thing to remember is that you will listen to this music over and over again! Past requests range from the Banana Boat Song to Chariots of Fire and everything in between. Ed Sheeran is a firm favourite (think Perfect and Thinking Out Loud!), however, we warmly welcome all unusual choices!

Can we join more than 1 song together?

Yes, for sure. Some people like to start with a slow song and go into something more upbeat. Others like a challenge with a mash-up of several songs. Our DJ can help you to mix the music for an additional fee, please click here.


Who is the right Instructor for me?

We take care to match you with the Instructor best suited to your needs. Depending on your preferred language, availability, dates, timing and dance requirements we will pair you with the Instructor we think will be the right match for you. If you have a preference of Instructor, just let us know.


What kind of wedding dress should a bride dance in?

It’s easier to dance in a dress that allows full movement, and one that doesn’t have a long train that a new husband can step on. However, it is also very possible to dance in a voluminous dress with a generous train. You might be able to hook up your train or ask your seamstress to attach a finger loop for you, or you might wish to change into a totally different dress for the dancing section. Just let your Instructor know what you will wear when you are at your class then he/she can customize the moves to suit your couture. You can also bring your wedding dress to any dance class for a dress rehearsal - as long as you don’t mind your fiancé seeing it before the big day…

What do we need to wear for our lessons?

Just wear regular day clothes plus shoes with a slippy sole (not trainers or flip flops) so you can turn easily on the dance floor. We actually recommend that you bring your wedding shoes to dance in so you can get used to moving in them and adapt to any height differences.


Where will my dance classes take place?

In Hong Kong, classes take place at our private class studio in Soho, which is the size of most couples’ dance floor (3.75 metres square). Wifi, drinking water and air-con are provided. The best part is our convenient location – right on the Mid-levels escalator street between Staunton and Elgin Street. If you find you would like a larger studio for any or all of your classes, we can help you hire one for an additional charge.

Can the Instructor travel to my home/residence/clubhouse?

Yes, sure. Depending on where you live there may be an additional travel fee. Please enquire here.


When can we take our wedding dance classes?

Anytime. Just let us know a couple of days and times that are best for you to get started and then we will check studio and Instructor availability. We are also open on Sundays and public holidays.
Did we answer all your questions? If not, just drop us a line, a whatsapp or call us.