Lara & Jonathan’s First Wedding Dance

The wedding was amazing and we had a great time performing our first dance.
The expression of our guests says it all! Thank you so much!

Janis & Betrand's First Dance

Bert and I have come back from a wonderful wedding vacation. The highlight of the night, of course, was our first dance :) We are proud to let you know that with only one practice - right before we entered the banquet hall in the corridor - we successfully pulled it off with no missing steps / beats! Thanks again, Janice & Bert

Tammy & Julius' First Wedding Dance

Without the lessons we wouldn't have felt confident enough to enjoy ourselves! Our big day was so enjoyable....thank you so much for teaching us! It's our honour to be your students!!

Alicia & Matt's First Wedding Dance

Just wanted to let you know we did great at our first dance thanks to your lessons! We really enjoyed doing it on the day and so many people told us it was amazing! Thanks again for your help and making us look good!

Claire & Vincent's First Wedding Dance

It went great, we really enjoyed it and everyone loved it. So a big thanks to you because we could have never done it without you!

Greg & Angela's First Wedding Dance

We are happy to report that the first dance was a big hit at our wedding!

Will & Tory's First Wedding Dance

Thank you all for making a memorable 1st dance!! We received tons of compliments and shocked faces which is what we were going for, of course! Despite our lack of dance skill/experience, Ceroc was able to teach us many dance moves and help us combine them into a very cool and unique first dance. We would absolutely recommend you to any couple looking to learn and practice a first dance for their wedding.

Aurélie & Guillaume First Wedding Dance

We joined Ceroc to have fun as a couple and... to learn how to dance of course!
After a few nights at Ceroc, we had sufficient basics to try some dances by ourselves for our wedding.
Huge work for sure, but you really helped us and now we're married... there's no way we will stop. We're heading to Ceroc on Tuesday!

Fran & Verity's First Wedding Dance

Thank you so much for helping us with such a fun first dance. For something that we were dreading, it turned out to be a complete highlight of the day! It was so much fun. We can't wait to see the video. I think that it may have raised everyone’s expectations a little too high as there were requests for more improvised routines later in the night!

Gary & Mavis' First Wedding Dance

Even non-dancers like us can learn to dance in a few short lessons! We learned our wedding dance in just one private lesson. Very enjoyable and great fun!

Flora & Jonathan’s First Wedding Dance

Flora and I met in the autumn of 2009 through Ceroc, at one of its regular evening classes. After we met, through regular classes and workshops, our friendship blossomed, culminating to our first performance together in 2010.

For our wedding, as dancing is our central theme, we asked you to be our choreographer without any hesitation; it is our way, and the best way to say a sincere thank you to Ceroc for bringing us together! It was a fun and a collaborative process, bringing out the fun and musicality at the same time.